Thursday, April 17, 2014


My blogger friends had already made arrangements to visit punjab grill they invited me last minute and i couldn't say no just hopped in and wanted to savor true Punjabi cuisine.

Lot of people in my friends list may or may not know that I come from a army background Dad and my Grandpapas have served army one of them was a major general and they have been with their families to punjab my naani/grandma always used to make some of her authentic punjabi recipes which used to always have loads of mustard ginger or paneer my dad grew up eating punjabi food and till date has the habit of eating rotis in large quantity very unusual for a southie I had to take him along.

Me and dad were greeted and seated in a cosy corner  i just couldn't resist clicking a few shots of the place before settling in. colors of reds and beige upholstered furniture crystal light fixtures chic and dramatic settings were appealing and inviting. rustic food in a modern setting was truly amazing the place is divided into 5 seating areas outdoor, bar, indoor lounge, private lounge area and a party area very neatly maintained with a huge variety of  wines and whiskys on display through out the restaurant.

Our lunch service started with few drinks and wide range of starters followed by main course and a wonderful dessert.

Black/Purple Carrots are ground with spices and mustard and matured in earthen pots and served before a meal this kaanji helps in digestion. 

Mildly spiced with cumin black salt chilly lime juice mint and ginger juice was truly refreshing to start with

Mixture of 4 taste test starters served in little cones were truly amazing and had authentic taste brilliant idea to start with few drinks

Wonton skin rolls filled with mushroom celery olives sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts dipped in corn flour batter rolled in sevian and fried crunchy bursting with flavors served along with sweet chilly dipping sauce.

This tantalizing fried fish is prepared with a basic spiced batter deep fried in oil and served with chips and radish chutney melt in your mouth moment.
Salmon fillets marinated in fennel dill ginger honey and a trance of mustard oil grilled in tandoor tasted yum spiced salmon perfectly smoked with indian flavors was a treat served along with mint chutney.

Tandoori Kukkad Wings
Chicken wings marinated with spices and yogurt basted with tamarind chutney/indian version barbecue sauce grilled in hot tandoor coals tasted absolutely amazing  

Ginger and fresh mint infused sugarcane juice topped with splash of vodka this is something very new to my taste palate quite refreshing and tasty  

Twice cooked Kashmiri flavored rack of lamb is marinated with lot of ground spices fresh ginger and garlic its cooked till half done and then basted with a tandoori yogurt sauce and grilled on hot coals basted with ghee cooked till perfection

Cottage cheese marinated in spiced yogurt grilled in tandoor and served along with mint chutney was an amazing starter.

Chicken Keema with Fryums
Not so finely minced chicken keema was cooked to perfection in a reduction of spices and blanched onion was garnished with loads of mint and coriander and topped with sliced onions soft spicy keema with crunchy fryums you can imagine it was heavenly 

Boneless mutton grilled with perfect amount of  spices toasted in a pan with caramelized onion ghee and fresh coriander which was served inside a iron box contraption quite innovative the lamb was cooked to perfection

Blanched and mashed mustard and spinach re fried in ghee and spices makes a perfect side dish for makki ki roti tasted yum along with white butter and crunch jaggery. assorted roti basket had makki ki roti, laacha paratha, butter kulcha and tandoori roti

An Exquisite mildly spiced meat koftas and bone marrow cooked to perfection in a apricot, carrot and radish gravy perfect side dish for lacha paratha.

Marinated chicken in turmeric yogurt tandoori masala is simply pan fried in butter till tender a tomato and onion sauce is reduced in spices and chicken pieces are added to the gravy this yummy gravy is always tasty with butter kulcha P.S dont mind the calories for once

These vodka infused pack of party pops were prepared from mango, pomegranate, sabja, orange and gol gappe ki pani quite interesting flavors and was intentionally served to cleanse my palate.

After all the food i wanted some mojito before attacking pulao and dessert  

Bahurangi Pulao
The name literally means colorful this mildly spiced pulao is prepared with a mixture of veggies carrots beets beans broccoli and caramelized onions in ghee and spices long grains of cooked basmati rice is mixed in this masala and allowed to steam inside a clay pot  

Gur ke chaawal served with daulat ki chaat
Rice cooked with jaggery and flavored with cardamom powder garnished with ghee and nuts served along with saffron flavored skimmed cream which tastes like ice cream its flavored with saffron strands and garnished with loads of finely chopped pistachio apricots and almonds.

Thanks to Chef Gurpreet Singh and Mr.Deepak Bhatia Vice President Operations for inviting us to a wonderful spread we truly enjoyed and would love to drop in again with my family Pic Courtesy: Jeet Banik.

Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Value for money: 3/5
Valet Parking  not available 

Food for 2 will cost 1500 to 2000 including drinks 

Honest opinion some recipes had authentic taste and flavors some were refurbished fusion versions i would have preferred traditional authentic punjabi cuisine more mustard oil and ghee (health aspect its not good who cares when your eating punjabi food) portion size the amount of starters served filled us up drinks were awesome it was truly an amazing experience excellent space to enjoy with family and friends I would recommend dinning in a large group.   

Address: SJR Primus, No. 1, Ganapathi Temple Rd, 
Koramangala Industrial Layout, Koramangala,
Bangalore, Karnataka 560034
Phone:080 4090 2161
Hours:11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Friday, April 11, 2014

MR.BEANS - The Coffee Lounge Review

We came here because they are renowned for coffee and fine dining.

 Parking was Right Outside! Convenient Aye!!!

We walked in and thought they have ample seating a handy magazine stand a foosball table to engage we made ourselfs right at home.

Decor Vintage/contemporary with a twist of colonial touch the space is divided into 6 Different seating areas comfy leather couches, Picture collages, arched doorways and windows Inviting aromatic coffee flavors adds up to the space.

The menu was extensively large from classic BBQ sausages to grilled sandwiches wide rage of Coffees Teas and cold beverages to yummy desserts. a mysterious new spin on a old favorite chicken sausages in oodles of veggies and pasta.

We ordered Chicken Pasta with arrabbiata sauce, Chicken Pizza, Cappuccino, Irish cold coffee,  waffles with maple syrup and icecream, molten lava cake.

The Coffee was on top of this world Creamy Cappuccino, Chocolaty Irish Cold Coffee they are opened from 11 am till 11 pm

 Mr.Beans Service Started 10 years ago...

Penne Pasta loaded with veggies and chicken sausages drenched in sauce served with a garlic bread tasted astonishingly good.

A thin crust pizza base smeared with pasta sauce pieces of chicken under a blanket of mozzarella cheese surprisingly did not smell greasy tangy sauce tingled the taste buds devoured in minutes.

Crunchy and fluffy waffles served with maple syrup and ice cream the waffles drenched in maple syrup and ice cream vanished in minutes with few gulps of coffee.

OOH wee Gooey Hot Choco Lava Cake Big Warning its Addictive.

The Service was Excellent and friendly staff. they recommended to take back some goodies for home.

Overall thought it was a memorable experience hospitable people.  young and old visit this place its very closely located to schools collages and residential area centralized location very neatly maintained clean kitchen, floors, tables and courtyards 

We recommend if you come here and want to break from the norm its very authentic vibe at MR.BEANS is sited as a destination rather than just a coffee outlet for two people it would cost 900 to 1200.

And we did get some goodies back home Grilled Club Sandwich and Cold Coffee...

Where are they Located  Mr.Beans Cafe Lounge is located at Bengaluru, Indore, Ludhiana, Ahmedabad, Nagpur and Jaipur.

Vidus Score Card:
Ambiance 10/10
Food 9/10
Service 10/10
Price range 9/10

Get Social:
100 Feet Road,Koramangala, South Bangalore
Bangalore, India 560034

Sunday, April 6, 2014

On a Date with Monkey

The newest addition to indiranagar's gastro pub scene is Monkey Bar  the quirky and fun filled mobar serves tasty food and  fast drinks in a laid back environment. 
On a chirpy Saturday afternoon I was invited by MOBar on a lunch date which is located in a friendly neighborhood.
Walk into the place the shabby chic decor made me feel at home Exposed brick walls, Hard wood floors, Chalkboard Doodles, Picture Collages natural and mismatched lighting made the place look hip and chic.the space is split across two levels well equipped bars and comfy seating arrangements are followed at both levels the foosball and pool table is more of an invitation to unwind over an after-work beer than a game center. 
As we bloggers settled down a bit and got chit chatty they recommended few of their signature drinks and starters...
Mangaa and Copper Monkey were served to me i am not a heavy drinker as i love the concept of using nutella jars and copper tumblers they looked quit innovative...a few gulps of mangaa re energized my spirits 
As the lunch service begun i ordered for the basic mojito quite refreshing for a summer afternoon and to wash down all the starters as we goo...
PIROGIES stuffed with Chicken, Celery and Jalapeño was quite tasty steam cooked Pirogies pan fried in some butter tasted yum...with garlic sauce...
ROASTED BEET AND ORANGE Three mustard dressed lettuce, feta cream, sesame beans,
toasted and candied walnuts, crumbled feta totally refreshing salad...
PEPPER CHICKEN Morsels of flash cooked chicken with peppers, scallions, toasted Schezwan
peppers, black pepper sauce, oyster sauce, crushed peanuts and asparagus..tasted yum along with noodles...
SLOPPY JOE Barbecue flavored shredded pork with coleslaw, fresh jalapenos, onions, peppers and lettuce. Served with sweet potato crisps with celery salt..
TEMPURA CALAMARI Tossed in fresh green curry glaze, wasabi mayo and fresh scallions tasted yum crunchy calamari was absolutely divine...
CRAB RANGOON Crab meat and cream cheese filled fried wontons, served with sweet chilli sauce it was cheesy melt in your mouth moment...
DEVILLED FISH Sautéed seer with chilli oil, ginger, garlic, galangal and lemon grass tasted yum with rice...
PORK BELLY SLIDERS Twice cooked crisped braised pork belly, with grilled scallions and sprouts, chilli mayo and basil
THE PARSEE ORDERLIES’ MUTTON CURRY A wholesome mutton chop curry finished with grated cheese,served with coconut and clove rice
JERK CHICKEN CURRY A Wholesome chicken curry served with rice kushka
BERRY PULAO Chicken kebabs, shredded chicken and Iranian berry pulao,with saffron, fried onions and potato salli
LEMON CAKE Lemon curd, vanilla lemon syrup soaked pound cake with seasonal fruit
CHOCOLATE POT DE CRÈME WITH SALTED CARAMEL Caramel popcorn, lemon poppy cake slice With olive oil

Over all I enjoyed the experience will be visiting again with family and friends hats off to Chef Manu Chandra who has carefully put togeather wonderful spread.

Wallet Factor: Meal for two including drinks and taxes Rs. 1200-1400/-

Vidus Score Card:
Food and Drinks 9/10
Ambiance 10/10
Service 8/10

Drop in at:
Monkey Bar,
# 610, 12th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage, near Crossword, Indiranagar, Bangalore- 560 038. 
Call us on:+91 80 44114455

Email us at:
Twitter: @Monkeybarblr
We’re Open from: 12:00 noon onwards (Children below the age of 18 years are permitted only till 6:00 pm)