Thursday, February 4, 2016


The Drive from Hassan to Sakleshpur was around 45 minutes. Saleshpur nestled in the foothills of western ghats seems to be a retreat. Surrounded by captivating mountains and greenery the calm and peaceful environment is a haven for campers. Sakleshpur is know for pepper, coffee, kallu (slowcooked beans) and roti.

We stopped by surabhi hotel to savor some akki/rice roti and coffee. Chef jolly and team wanted to see the entire process how these fluffy rotis are made. 

The restaurant owners were bit reluctant to allow us in the kitchen once they got to know chef jolly they were more then happy to accommodate all of us in a tiny kitchen located at the basement.

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These rice rotis are made from IR8 rice. Cream of rice is cooked and salt is added once cool to the touch.They knead the rice to form a dough and this process needs lot of practice and patience. 

The dough ball is pressed in a roti press and then cooked on stove the roti puffs like a pillow and here in bangalore we call it ubbu roti. 

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After a wonderful master class on ubbu roti...All of us had wonderful creamy coffee totally satisfied we started our journey and headed towards mangalore.

Thank you so much for reading Part- 2 of Culinary Adventure. I will take you across mangalore and udupi in the upcoming posts. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Chef Surjan Singh Jolly Director F&B- JW Marriott and Judge at Master Chef India plans a road trip (Culinary adventure) all of a sudden nothing you want to join us asked my friend blogger? I thought this was a prank and...very casually said yeahright! let me know whenever this trip is and will join you. 


I got a call the day before leaving Bangalore from his PR and The Chef Himself invited me to join them on this totally unexpected trip. My heart was pounding hard...emotions uncontrollable never ever traveled with a bunch of strangers before and specially a celebrity I was star struck for sure...:P 

Once confirmed...How could I sleep the entire night...At 2 am brushed and bathed...dressed quickly and it was 3 am my blogger friend came over to pick me...I rushed down the stairs like a rocket and jumped in his car we left.

At JW Marriott we met the chef in person...He looked charming and dashing as always. We grabbed quick bites and a coffee without wasting any more time all of us boarded the car for an unforgettable trip of a life time #NH48.

At the Break of dawn we reached Hassan. Hassan seemed to be relaxed no traffic around the residential area was quite. We came across a road vendor selling spicy hot masala dosas and tea. The timing was perfect we had to stop over for breakfast and enjoyed the best street food had to offer us...

Fiery Hot Masala Dosa on my plate...

Please click here for dosa batter recipe.

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Man selling fresh chickpeas...its a snack and vegetable when its tender...

A cosy countryside house.

Chef and his team found a man selling tender cucumbers on the Highway...they were so fascinated...

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After a wonderful breakfast and a quick look around the country side. We boarded the car and were in search of more food specifically a local delicacy called akki roti. 

Our car drove back on the highway...we landed in sakleshpura...Thank you so much for reading part 1.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Eating oneself crazy @ Saffron Park Plaza Bengaluru

Saffron Park Plaza hosted me for their ongoing Amritsari food festival. It was a tale of two cities Punjab and Lahore. Saffron Park Plaza was undoubtedly a wonderful experience for me. The combination of kababs and curries can be really lethal I can see my self eat crazy when its prepared with the right amount of every thing (spices). 

Saffron - Hotel Park Plaza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

The menu features many dishes which are braised, grilled,  and slow cooked  a typical from these regions food is authentic with the usual dose of butter and cream. 

What I absolutely enjoyed from kababs are jhinga kali mirchi, murgh tikkas and murgh mungfali ka tikka, from the mains laacha paratha, Anarkali bazaar de bater, chooza makhani and of course maa ki dhal, for desserts gajar halwa, kulfi and raasmalai.

The Menu
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Paya Ras: Lamb trotters simmered in aromatic broth

Sufiyana murgh tikka, murgh moongfali ka tikka, and murgh angar bedgi, boneless chicken pieces marinated with freshly ground spices and masala cooked in a clay tandoor oven and served hot...

Shami Kabab: lamb shoulder meat slow cooked in lentils and spices ground and filled with aromatic hung yogurt and pomegranate the patty then pan fried with ghee was so succulent and soft it was almost like eating icecream.
Jhinga Kali mirchi sarson: Tiger prawns marinated with home made spice blend basted with mustard oil and baked over coals this dish was my favorite prawns were cooked to perfection...

Assorted kababs and roti on my plate...
 To hum down the spices on our taste buds and help digestion from the bar, the bartender served us his concoctions. A grilled apple, tamarind and honey mocktail and cranberry, peach and mustard cocktail both were good I preferred the grilled apple mocktail..

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An Assortment of breads baked in clay oven tandoor...

The Breads followed by curries. Bhati Chowk da Nalli gosht, safed makhan ka chooza makhani, annarkalli bazaar de bater and maah ki dhal are signature dishes from punjab. The nalli(lamb shanks) slow cooked in a onion and rich saffron gravy was superb. what truly tingled my taste buds was the slow cooked mixed lentils and safed makhan chooza it was creamy spiced to perfection and was absolutely heavenly with some butter naans and laacha parathas...

 After an elaborate session of curries and kababs, we tasted a saffron murgh biryani. The chicken was tender spiced and dum cooked with long grain basmati rice, An assortment of pickles with biryani was absolutely divine.

 I liked the papaya pickle with biryani it was one of a kind tasting session. We finally ended our tasting session with desserts and paan I thoroughly enjoyed the feast...

Kulfi Falooda, Gajar halwa and Raasmalai...
 Paan Shot and Paan...
After meal Mouth Fresheners...

Review - 100% Organic Pulpy Fruit Juice From Organa

Visit Organa website for more info

I've recently been testing out many fruit juices in the market for juicing in summer and for detox. When Organa approached me I was thrilled and excited to test their brand.

To my surprise Organa fruit juices are 100% organic no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors added. Organa comes in 4 different flavors apple, mango, mixed fruit and guava. 

Only the apple juice is crisp and clear...other fruit juices have fruit sediment which needs to be poured in a jar and mixed or we need to shake the bottles well before serving. These fruit juices are pulpy and can be served straight from the bottle.

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Organic juice is like liquid sunshine which hydrates our metabolism. As Indians we would settle down for a tangy lime or musambi juice these are the only fruits which is grown wild and organic here. Growing children, adults and expecting mothers absolutely do not have many choices or source for 100% organic product.

Organa has given back to the community providing us with rich in minerals, nutritional energy drink for the day. This product is made in India. The product comes in 500 ml pet bottles priced at 50 to 60 rupees. 

It might seem slightly over priced for the product. Looking at the conventional farming methods that the company has adapted which wants to produce a product being anti adultery its worth every penny for the efforts and future.

The conversion today is all about generation gap and today's living standards. What I feel our younger generation is in search of...lost traditions and they are slowly but surely adapting and following back our roots which we have forgotten. we have become more industrial in living. Companies like Organa has done a commendable job following back the roots which is forgotten. 

We need to understand first for good health requires healthy food. Choosing the right product and food for the family should and always be our priority...Live...Life...Healthy.

Organa Fruit Juices are available in Godrej Natures Basket to shop please click here


A decade ago discovering gourmet food was difficult and there was no unified platform to search and order for them to be delivered at our convenience . Fast forward to present, technology has made our lives easy and it is now so simple for us to order freshly prepared gourmet food via mobile app. 

I got an invite to visit the app kitchen which launched on Nov 27th 2015. Hopping Chef is India’s first Chef Lead Food Ordering and Premium Catering business. Founded in 2014. Hopping Chef a  luxurious concept of dining being  a unique dining service entails one an opportunity to bring a top quality chef to your home and create bespoke menus that would usually be offered only at a few top restaurants in the world. 

Hopping Chef now enters into a new vertical of India’s first Chef curated ready to eat meal, the "Hop Box". Hop Box (a ready to eat 5 course meal) are specially curated by our in-house master chefs. These meals are prepared and boxed in air sealed containers that keep the food fresh and ready to heat and eat when delivered. We offer healthy meal options as well that are verified by qualified nutritionists. 

The Hop Box is offered as a 5 course meal consisting of salad, appetizer, entree, mains and desserts. Hopping Chef  has curated cuisines ranging from Asian, Middle Eastern, European, Modern Indian and soon to be launched American Bistro.

Hopping Chef has its own You Tube channel where our Chefs cook up their best meals  and share their secrets with the viewers Please subscribe to Hopping Chef Youtube channel to find out, "The Making Of Every Hop Box Cuisine". 

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Green Bean Salad

Starters: Kacche Aam aur kale ki tikki, Galouti kabab, Mixed vegetable peanut tikki...

Malai Murgh Tikka

Thai Grilled Mushrooms 

Indian Box: Rosemary Murugh Malai, Nawabi Ghosht Ki Tikki, Mumfali Seekh and Kacche Aam Aur Kele Ki tikki

Awadi Dhaniya Murgh, Nizami Paneer Hara Pyaaz, Sakarkand Shimla Mirch Ka Salad, Ananrdana Shahi Pulao, Reshmi Malai Paratha.

Lebanese Box: Pesto Hummus, Pita Bread, Chickpeas Salad, Falafel bullets and Exotic Vegetables or Hummus, Pita Bread, Chickpeas Salad and Mushroom Bell Pepper.

Asian Box:  Asian Greens and Beans Salad, Thai Grilled Mushrooms, Thai Coconut Green Chutney and Burnt Garlic Rice.

Thai Greens and Bean Salad, Chicken Sweet and sour, Thai Red Chicken Curry and Star Anise and Scallion rise.
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Desserts: Quabani Ka Meeta, Explosive Orange Rabdi