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Kebab Festival (22 Exotic Varieties of Kebabs) @Paradise Food Court

Indulge in 22 Exotic varieties of kebabs across all Paradise outlets. The 64-year-old brand synonymous with Hyderabadi Dum Biryani hosted bloggers for their on going third edition Kebab festival.  Subscribe to me on Youtube English and Tamil Channels 😊 We got to taste 12 classic and fusion varieties of kebabs from the festival. Every kebab listed for the festival has a signature ingredient that makes it special says-Corporate Chef  Saurabh Saxena. Chef also adds that monsoons are the best season to savor these kababs, we are thrilled to showcase 22 varieties of kababs from across length and breadth of country. Kebabs originated in 12th century Turkey, the grilled meats were a delicacy among turks and arabs who travelled for trade on the silk route regularly. Soon these mildly spiced and grilled kebabs gained popularity in other parts of asia and mughlai cuisine. Pics Courtesy: From Paradise Blog About Paradise: Back in 1953, a small Canteen and Cafe functioned out of a cinema theater call…

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