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Step by Step Bangarpet Pani Puri Recipe By Vidyalakshmi

Bangarpet is a small town en-route from Bangalore to Chennai, this town is known for rice and fresh produce trading, this small trading village town borders two districts Andhra and Tamilnadu. The food and culture is a mixture from karnataka, andhra and tamilnadu. In recent years it has gained popularity for chaats. 
Nowadays Bangarpete is known for its transparent masala pani and puris, I've been taste testing and trying my best to perfect these chaats for almost two years, recently perfected these chaat proportions which is exactly like how they serve at a chaat center. 
I must admit it is time consuming process to prepare all these chaats but if we pre plan and prepare certain dishes like chutney, filling and puri then the entire dish is easy to assemble. This recipe yields five generous serving portions. 
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Lets Start...
First Step : Prepare Clear Pani  Prepare this clear pani ahead of time since it is time c…

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